Sunday, August 17, 2003

Woke up at 1230, just in time for dinner. Last night was very tiring for me. Went to the seminar, went to watch some acrobatics from China, sleeping at 0000 (or so I think, cause I don't look at the clock)

Tomorrow school. This could possibly be the most boring entries ever.
Bin Gregory noticed a strange fruit at the market.

"...When I spotted this fruit in the market, I left the stall I was standing at and zipped over to the neighboring stall where it was being sold, five-year-old in tow. I started asking the hawker about the fruit when the lady from the previous stall came over, carrying my crying three-year-old. She shot me this look that said "you delinquent father you!" Oops! ..."

Read more at Bin Gregory's Production.

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Remember Dr. Liew's blog? Guess what, he found me! I better get into hiding quick...

In the meanwhile, check out Bin Gregory Productions. It is a blog about a Muslim American who is living in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

I call promotional videos 'propaganda'. Don't know why, but it sounds better than calling them commercials.

Kids nowadays don't usually ride buses anymore. So when I went to a seminar this morning with my class, I was dismayed to find an air-conditioned bus (tour bus) for our transport. But upon returning, the bus had been exchanged for another one that is your typical Malaysian bus.

I like it. The space inside, running around, standing when the bus is about to stop (to get some inertia)...

Two other classes from our school went for a picnic in Matang. They brought with them an exchange student from Japan (he'll be going back on the 17th). Me and Nabil (my Sakura-obsessed friend) managed to try our newbie "Nihon-go' skills on him. Oh, so much fun we have. And to our friends: Hey guys, SPM is near!!

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Does blogger allows comments?

For the time being, go and mail me at nsds3_universal@*re-move*
Another anime quiz. Look what I got this time.Why must it be a girl?!?

You're a Magical Girl!

You're sugar-hyped, caffeine-hyped, and permanently genki-er than a whole busload of Disney characters on crack. You eat too much, you're a total klutz, and somehow this makes you an ideal candidate for saving the world. If you're really unlucky, you get to get naked in an embarrassing transformation sequence in every single episode, with only a few sparkles and pastel blobs to cover your dignity.

Which generic anime character are you?

Ouch ouch'd been 3 months since this blog was last updated...
Anyway, I won't end with those words above. Sites that use them usually...'disappear.'

Dr. Liew's blog is a good example for all bloggers out there. Efficient, clean, etc. Seriously, if you are looking for a blog that is updated daily with *very* interesting entries, this is it!

Tomorrow I shall post the links to other blogs as well.( And increases that site's ratings on Google :P )

See ya.