Thursday, March 29, 2007

New semester's here. Arise, students! Let us not repeat again T_T;.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Of macro and roach

A dead roach, ladies and gentleman. A dead roach. What will they think of next?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dumpster diving

An organisation housed in the same building in my campus is moving out. In the process, they are throwing away a lot of stuff that they couldn't take with them. Of course, some of them are still working...

Which is where dumpster diving comes in. Dumpster diving, simply put, is going through the trash for useful stuff. While generally not a dumpster (of course, there is no dumpster at the 7th floor), the actions are generally the same. I got myself two keyboards which are yet to be tested.

I hope nobody noticed anything suspicious about a guy carrying a keyboard walking past them two times since I had a change of mind after getting the first keyboard and thought that a second one could be useful.

There are still keyboards left in the box where I took them from.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The first steps

I'm thinking of heading down a particular path. Without doubt, some people will criticize me; citing that as a student, my responsibility is to study. That is true, of course. But there are other things at this moment, aside from studying, that is important in shaping my character in the future.

I could not bear the thought that, in the thousands of students of universities only few are aware of the importance of character making at their stage. It is a very scary thought that the others will not realise this, and thus graduate from the university without any thought of the country. Not patriotism, but the other 'p'.

Allow me to walk you through the examples. How many are aware that they actually have a right to vote candidates to the city council, a right that is currently denied to them? How many could argue about the increasing moral policing in the country? Again, do they realise that only they themselves could change the very things that they are complaining about such as the inefficient bureaucracy, the racial discrimination and the corrupt leaders? How many?

A university, no, the university is where undergraduates should realise what their rights and 'p' leanings are. They should be aware that they are able to fix the injustices that they see daily. Instead, most of them are, for a lack of a better word, ignorant. They are not to be completely blamed tough, since there is an act that made it illegal for students to participate in 'p' activities. What is meant by a 'p' activity is questionable. Even participating in a demonstration for cleaner public toilers or animal rights could land you in trouble, given the vague definition.

Let us return to the opening sentences. I'm thinking of this path not because of the privileges and things that naturally comes with it entails, but because it seemed to me that no one is going to. If it seems that I will walk this path alone, so be it. I could not bear to seen the ruin of my home, my country.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sup guys.

A holiday always feels too short nowadays, eh? Probably caused by the War in Iraq, global warming or the coming general election. When all you did during the holidays was to go to sleep at 5 a.m. and waking up at 5 p.m., there will be an effect of Time Kompression, also known as the Polar Bear Hibernation effect. Anyone under this effect will eat a lot, sleep a lot and will not get fat. In any way. Kinda cool right?

Bad news is, Time Kompression will, well, kompress time. Your holiday will end before you can yell "Yay, holiday's here!". Or walk out of the campus, whichever you prefer. Soon everyone will return, some tanned to crisp from that day on the beach. Some will return with new hairstyle, ooh yeah. Some will not return at all *sobs*.

Life goes on.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Yo folks

Been some time since I wrote shit and stuff in here. Why wait?

As most of you know, I've gotten myself a PS2 after the finals. It kept me occupied for two weeks where I breath, slept and ate nothing but Playstation 2 games. After that, it just went downhill as I spend less and less time with the thing. Now I rarely touch it, except when I need to waste a little bit of time. On an interesting note, I dumped the bios and ran several homebrew programs (two of which turned my PS2 into an entertainment centre) several days after purchasing it.

On myself though, I'm feeling genuinely bored. There are no projects to keep me occupied, and many days were spent on 4chan, several forums and generally looking for more things to pirate from The Pirate Bay. I dare say that I have no social life, which for me means halving the fuel bill for the month. Really.

On another note, I got three hardware that will change the computing scene [in my home]. They are: an 80GB hard disk drive, a 17-inch monitor and an Aztech DSL600EW wireless router. With the new hard disk, I am able to resurrect my 2001-ish computer back from inactivity - and straight into my sister's hand. Hopefully, she'll be able to learn - not Microsoft Word, but Starcraft, Red Alert II and DotA. The 17-inch monitor also aided this as the old and coughing 15-inch monitor was on its last legs. As for the router, however, it changed thing quite drastically. My dad now stays up until 3 a.m. in his bedroom surfing the Net. He has become literally like me in terms of Net addiction Gotta find a way to block the signal from reaching the 2nd floor bedroom.

Anyway, that is how my life is moving along lately. Soon it will be time for classes and waking up early, though the sheer boredom of having to take only 2 subjects will be nullified by having a lot of friends stuck in the same situation. Till then, shalom.