Friday, February 24, 2006

Kenny got plagiarized, culprit got RM 50

Got today's The Star? Turn to Thumbnails section. See the 'Slow Men At Work' picture? Ok, now go to Kenny Sia's site. Coincidence? Fat chance. The road construction finished months ago.

Here's a comparison of pictures. First is from The Star:

And from Kenny's site:

Note the motorcyclist, blue signboard and blue wall.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Adenan Satem: Future CM of Sarawak?

As you all have probably heard, the Cabinet has been reshuffled, albeit a minor one. And since the Sarawak State Elections are coming, rumours are quite rife.

On 11 February, Saturday, the Prime Minister paid a visit to the Chief Minister of Sarawak, who was recovering from a minor operation, at his personal residence in Demak. Speculations (emphasise speculations) state that the Prime Minister asked the Chief Minister to not participate in the upcoming elections, which in effect means that he (Taib) will probably step down from the post of CM.

Adenan is quite high on the list. He is often seen as the successor to Taib. But until the elections and subsequent executive appointments, speculations are speculations.

Disclaimer: NSDS3 cannot vote since he is under-aged.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Farewell to the Sarawak Tribune

Sixty-one years of history gone down the drain because of one man's doing. Poor ol' Tribune! I expect no better coverage of Borneo news than you. Having a state newspaper is unique, and I believe it is sort of rare in the West [M].

Goodbye Tribune.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A Wedding and A Funeral on Chinese New Year's Day

On Sunday, which was the First Day of Chinese New Year, I attended a wedding at my village. What happened in the evening was unforseen by anyone.

We set off from our house and arrived at our village around 9.40, thanks to the upgraded Kuching-Serian road (although slow drivers drove in the middle lane and the u-turns just pop out of nowhere). We arrived way to early, so early that the bride herself has not arrived. A quick hello, meeting with relatives and filling our stomachs with beef curry from a slaughtered cow (as opposed to beef bought in shops) we set off back to Kuching again.

At 10:40:55 on 29 January 2006, Sunday, near the Siburan I received an SMS from my friend, L. You might remember L from my older posts. He and her broke up last year, if you want an update. Anyway, the message informed me of her father's death. It is a kind of a shock to me, since I do not know her father was suffering from anything except a stroke last year. And that was a minor stroke.

I informed this to another passanger in the same car, who I will not name or explain her relationship to me. She was L's girl classmate. Arriving back home, I've decided to pay a visit to L's former girl's home.

Off we go at 3 pm. She went in, I stayed outside. After all, the house is packed full of women. I saw a certain Member of Parliament. After paying our respects, we left before the burial.

So that is how I attended One Wedding and One Funeral on Chinese New Year's Day.