Monday, May 19, 2003

The skies are clear, and I'm feeling happy though I did not attend school today because I have a head-splitting headache yesterday. So I woke up at 12 pm, eat a little lunch and breakfast (considering that I did not eat breakfast this morning). My mom's gone to clean my uncle's house next door. She was asked by him to do that twice a month with pay.

Currently I am watching Hour Asia on Discovery Channel. At the moment, it's about geisha, and the next hour will be 'clash between tradition and modernisation'. I watched only the second half of the geisha, as I was watching AXN's Boys Be.

For most of students, Teacher's Day have passed, but our school level celebration is going to be held tomorrow (20th May). I think a meeting was held today to determine who is responsible for what (as we are going to held a party for the teachers) but I'm not sure, and I will call my friend today to find out. Hope that I will not be the servant tomorrow....(as they might use the excuse 'You were absent yesterday')

Talk to you later, as I need rest.

Friday, May 16, 2003

I've created a J-List archive at this page. The purpose of that site is to archive all of Peter Payne's postings about Japan. Very good read if you ask me.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

My friend's father....passed away on Monday morning. Poor girl. Her uncle came for her while she was taking her test. I heard that 'er father died of stroke.

Can't say more.
Now I see why. I don't click the 'publish' button. Baka baka baka!
For some unknown reason, the address is not working...
My friend have went back to his hostel (dormitory); ending a three day stay with me at my house during the holidays of Maulidur Rasul and Wesak Day. One of the reasons that I can't update this thing. I'll be going back to school tomorrow, and the good news is; the teacher's are still checking the exam papers so that leaves us students a lot of free time to do...whatever we want to!

Love Hina episode 3 was finished. Now I'm downloading Episode 4 over my ol' 56k. Anyone who want to give me the complete series as a present are welcome to do so *evil grin*. My friends introduced me to this site: . It have some anime openings and endings (not all, but it's a lot to me). Just make sure you have Real Player before downloading (get the free one). With the demise of one of my usual-visited manga download site, my Chobits manga downloads have grind to a halt. Last year was the worst data loss disaster ever. I lost almost 3 GB of data; including but not limited to manga scans of Rurouni Kenshin (Volume 1 till 12), Detective Conan, ROMs, pictures, website templates, exes and a lot of sentimental things (some of them are from the year 1998)

Do you play games online? Do you find Star Wars Galaxies too demanding? Perhaps you need to visit .

Do you newsgroup? If so, drop by at tmnet.communities (might be unaccessible if you're from another ISP, but it doesn't matter as you can use google) and search for me!

It's 6 pm, and I need to get a shower early to get my daily dosage of anime from 1830 till 2000. Ja!

Sunday, May 11, 2003

Welcome to my not-so good blog. I, NSDS3, is a high-school student in my final year (hopefully it will be my LAST year) and will sit for a university entrance examination this year (SPM).

Aye, it's that time of the year again. Mid-year exams, and after that, a one week+ long holiday. Hardly enough, since I sleep at 12am and woke up at 6am, rarely sleeping in the evening. Whenever the test's is scheduled in the afternoon, I will get neck-aches and headaches. In the morning, I sneeze a lot, sometimes one handkerchief is not enough.

My state of mind is currently anime madness. I've downloaded episode 1 and 2 of Love Hina, with Episode 3 on the quque. On a 56k, it's not an easy task, as it demands money and time too.

So till next time, visit Dr. Liew's blogs at Bye! :)

Which Love Hina Girl Are You?
Well-endowed both in mind and in body, you don't hesitate to use both to your advantage! Your confidence and sense of humour make you a pleasure to be around. You're crafty, clever and cute - a formula that would bring any man to his knees! But while your wit and charisma are definite assets, others may not be able to keep up with your resourceful intelligence. Take care not to overwhelm people with your treasures.
Which Love Hina Girl Are You?

p/s: and I'm a man!