Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fuck forwarded messages.

There, I've said it. I think I speak for all of us. Spending time that should've been done composing an e-mail to someone to clean up our inboxes instead. Silly things, wasting bandwith. No, no money will be donated to the dying girl since there is NO WAY TO TRACK WHERE AN EMAIL HAS GONE TO. No, I am immune to the girl who was murdered and buried, and reading the message will not do me any harm. Opening a message does not make me lose love/luck.

GTFO my inbox.

Monday, May 28, 2007


Diarrhea sucks. That is all.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pesan pemati

Pesan tu di tuju aku ngagai Lembu ak
Chapi, Manok ak Ayam, Serati ak Itik
engau bala kaban tik diau aba Kampung

Pesan tu madah Babi ak Janik udah nadai
pagi tu tadi lalu deka di intu bala
mayoh kena malam 31/5/07 lalu deka di
empa kena 01/06/07... kena meri


Pesan tu mega dituju ke ngagai Langkau ak Ahrak, Tuak ak Tapai, semua sida tu di sibu,enda ditinggal ngagai Sitela ak Atos, Rimau ak Tiger, Oren ak Jebom, Kalsberg ak?? nadai surat pengada, Libul ak Lima, Jony ak wako enggau Cibas ak Regal, sida tu diau di miri enggau bintulu, laban JANI AK BABI, dah nadai, lalu disengai kena 31.05.2007, dikubur 03.06.2007 pukul 5:30p.m SELAMAT HARI GAWAI 2007, GAYU GURU GERAI NYAMAI..

Sunday, May 20, 2007

20 May

Ach... been a while since I had written anything.

Did I joined any clubs? No, but I joined a Cosplay circle doing what I do all the time (photography lor). The first and last time I've cosplayed was during December's Open Day, and even then most people did not recognize who I was cosplaying as -_-; Bummer. Major Bummer.

Controversies and bad feelings? Well, there is/was this/these incident(s), but I don't think it is the right time to say anything yet - it is still ongoing. Maybe next year :P (So you guys will keep on reading my blog, duh!)

Stalkings are on a normal level - I've stalked a person who wishes to be anonymous (but failed) and someone who stole others' artworks - this is related to the above controversy. Finding out the anonymous person's real identity was one of the easiest stalking that I had done that it was so... unexciting.

Friends and relationships? Hmm. Hmmmm. It's complicated (as in my Friendster's profile). My social life revolves largely around a group that shares the same interest with me, though I must admit that talking about the same thing every time gets old fairly quick. Am I looking for a companion from the opposite sex? Definitely. Do I have the time and commitment for a relationship? Doubtful. Can I afford a relationship? Maybe. Are there any candidates? Quite a few, though it seems that all of them are protected by their circle of friends. Impossible to approach unless I get to know their friends, and I'm not exactly the type that is able to start a conversation.

Religion and politics? Well, apart from reading, printing and cutting the newspapers for noteworthy articles, I had not written anything about it yet. You have one lazy-ass writer over here who will need a constant prodding. Hey, I know. Who wants to be my editor?

Well... that sums up this update. Must've made a boring read.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Transmail craft at Batu 7.

At Serikin.

Heading home from Serikin.

Mount Singgai.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Busy week

Monday - Classes. Classes. Classes. Everyone's not in a mood to study because... well, two days holiday dude!

Tuesday - Beach, here I come! Not the crowded, unsightly Damai beach mind you, but somewhere else, hidden from most people... and my, it has a killer view.

Wednesday - Cosplay! Actually, someone needs to do her video shooting assignment. So off to Sama Jaya Forest Reserve we went to. It was a hot, hot, hot day. A lot of water was consumed. We all probably ended up smelling like rats, too. Unfortunately, we did not finish the shooting that day - no choice but to wrap it all up and head to Crow Square for... tea? Brunch? What do people call those these days?

Thursday - Classes. Everyone's not in a mood to study because... well, they've just got back from a two day holiday!

Friday - Anime club meeting! Hilarity ensues. Haruhi dance included. Sorry, I'm holding the video hostage :P Woke up early cause I thought it was a deadline day - turned out it wasn't.

Saturday - Aww, Physics examination. I came out of it 2/3 alive. After that, something unexpected. Off to Stutong Park to shoot video again! I arrived home at 1930, after sending someone to Matang -_-; That's far, mind you... as far as 10th Mile.

Sunday - Zzz.

So, how was your week?

Friday, May 04, 2007

Food for thought

Friends don't make friends take the True Friends test.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Spy satellite

Overheard in a buffet line. The woman was whispering to a man:

"I slept with..."

Not that I blurred out the name, I didn't hear it.