Sunday, May 20, 2007

20 May

Ach... been a while since I had written anything.

Did I joined any clubs? No, but I joined a Cosplay circle doing what I do all the time (photography lor). The first and last time I've cosplayed was during December's Open Day, and even then most people did not recognize who I was cosplaying as -_-; Bummer. Major Bummer.

Controversies and bad feelings? Well, there is/was this/these incident(s), but I don't think it is the right time to say anything yet - it is still ongoing. Maybe next year :P (So you guys will keep on reading my blog, duh!)

Stalkings are on a normal level - I've stalked a person who wishes to be anonymous (but failed) and someone who stole others' artworks - this is related to the above controversy. Finding out the anonymous person's real identity was one of the easiest stalking that I had done that it was so... unexciting.

Friends and relationships? Hmm. Hmmmm. It's complicated (as in my Friendster's profile). My social life revolves largely around a group that shares the same interest with me, though I must admit that talking about the same thing every time gets old fairly quick. Am I looking for a companion from the opposite sex? Definitely. Do I have the time and commitment for a relationship? Doubtful. Can I afford a relationship? Maybe. Are there any candidates? Quite a few, though it seems that all of them are protected by their circle of friends. Impossible to approach unless I get to know their friends, and I'm not exactly the type that is able to start a conversation.

Religion and politics? Well, apart from reading, printing and cutting the newspapers for noteworthy articles, I had not written anything about it yet. You have one lazy-ass writer over here who will need a constant prodding. Hey, I know. Who wants to be my editor?

Well... that sums up this update. Must've made a boring read.

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