Sunday, November 26, 2006

Government of the people... not

A little bit of introduction is necessary. They had been squatters for 30 years, and is (or was?) waiting for the completion of an alternative housing project before they leave the kampung. But Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya (MPAJ), the local council in charge of the area decided to charge in (pun intended) even though the villagers' court case is still pending.

This is why I am for the return of local elections. Local councilors who actually have responsibility to the people who voted them into office can be held accountable. They are elected instead in Malaysia, thus having little or no responsibility to the people. Needless to say, one must also be well connected to get into that office.

And where are the keris-wavers? These are their supporters. Are they 'turning a blind eye'? Probably. For they don't care about any other race except their own: the UMNOputra race. Any other race, including Malay, Indian, Chinese et al are insignificant in their view.


Friday, November 24, 2006

PM asking the media "to turn a blind eye"

When the reporter replied in the affirmative, Abdullah then said the media should stop highlighting such stories.

He said the media should report more about the development programmes taking place.

For what, Pak Lah? Pretending that your underlings said nothing seditious and racist? How can the people 'focus' on development when such statements have greater impact on the nation as a whole? By saying that the media should report more on development programmes, aren't you asking the media "to turn a blind eye" to what have been said by the UMNO delegates?

Isn't it a police state when a leader dictates what the media should and should not publish?

If you noticed what Pak Lah had said in the article, you will find that he did not say anything about the statements of the delegates themselves - instead, he is effectively silencing the media by saying that they should stop playing up racial issues (which, I must add, important in exposing what imbeciles those who said it were).

Wrong target, Pak Lah.

Fuck you

It's time for class. One of my favourite subjects. The only thing that's messing the atmosphere is the loud noise made by a group of Ah Bengs in the class, yakking away at 70 decibels and all the while their phones ringing. No, I don't need to hear neither your gossips or stupid jokes, and I certainly did not appreciate you screaming in my ears. For one thing I'm glad the lecturer did not lose his temper. But if he did and he kicked you guys out of the class, I'll be even more happier.

No fuck, kiddo.

You promoted yourself as a candidate for the council. But from what I've seen in the class, you obviously did not have the necessary stuff, i.e., respect for lecturer, respect for the class, exiting and entering the class for more than five times. I'm glad I didn't vote for your team in the election. You need to learn your place, kiddo, and stay there. You are, in the lecturer's view, nothing more than dust. You taking your leave will greatly benefit us.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Crisis at 20

Great news. The results for previous semester's examination came out last Friday, and I must gladly say that I passed all subjects with a Distinction except for Engineering Mathematics A, which I got a Pass. It is quite a relief; I'm out of danger for the time being. While this means that I will be studying only two subjects in the next semester and a delayed entry into the Degree programme, I must say that I am really, really thankful to God for making it this far.

In other news, I turned 20 on the sixth. As usual there was no cake nor present, but I have a new phone now - a Nokia 6125. A first first hand phone for me, if I might add. I am suddenly hit by a sudden realisation - I'm turning old. I feel old. I will probably associate more with people in their 30s and 40s rather than with my peers who are mostly in their late teenage years.

Someone must've been proud.