Friday, November 24, 2006

Fuck you

It's time for class. One of my favourite subjects. The only thing that's messing the atmosphere is the loud noise made by a group of Ah Bengs in the class, yakking away at 70 decibels and all the while their phones ringing. No, I don't need to hear neither your gossips or stupid jokes, and I certainly did not appreciate you screaming in my ears. For one thing I'm glad the lecturer did not lose his temper. But if he did and he kicked you guys out of the class, I'll be even more happier.

No fuck, kiddo.

You promoted yourself as a candidate for the council. But from what I've seen in the class, you obviously did not have the necessary stuff, i.e., respect for lecturer, respect for the class, exiting and entering the class for more than five times. I'm glad I didn't vote for your team in the election. You need to learn your place, kiddo, and stay there. You are, in the lecturer's view, nothing more than dust. You taking your leave will greatly benefit us.

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Wei Liang said...

He was the MC during prom night if not mistaken and that was the time when some of my friends already started to dislike him for some reasons they do not wish to tell me. Now i understand it.. i guess.