Friday, November 24, 2006

PM asking the media "to turn a blind eye"

When the reporter replied in the affirmative, Abdullah then said the media should stop highlighting such stories.

He said the media should report more about the development programmes taking place.

For what, Pak Lah? Pretending that your underlings said nothing seditious and racist? How can the people 'focus' on development when such statements have greater impact on the nation as a whole? By saying that the media should report more on development programmes, aren't you asking the media "to turn a blind eye" to what have been said by the UMNO delegates?

Isn't it a police state when a leader dictates what the media should and should not publish?

If you noticed what Pak Lah had said in the article, you will find that he did not say anything about the statements of the delegates themselves - instead, he is effectively silencing the media by saying that they should stop playing up racial issues (which, I must add, important in exposing what imbeciles those who said it were).

Wrong target, Pak Lah.

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