Sunday, February 27, 2005

Act III - Scene III: The First

Current: Heat wave experienced in Malaysia. In some places, temperature reching as high as 40 degrees Celcius. We're supposed to experience 33 degrees Celcius average. Forest fires are happening across the Peninsular, while it's not that bad in East Malaysia. With the worsening of air quality so too is my health. If you don't know it yet, I am asthamtic, and also a sufferer of sinusitis.

But enough on that. You cam here to read about A.III-S.III, don't you?


Some years ago, my father (consequently, my family) was transferred to a rural town cum village not far from the State Capital. There I entered a primary school for two years, from '94 till '95. And I met this girl, let's call her Jd. Of course, she is not the only one that I met; there were a lot of other interesting characters as well. The time I spent there was among the best in my life; it exposed me to kampung life to a certain degree. The curtains of 1995 closed, and the family packed off to Kuching where dad is taking up an offer at a private company.

Then came 1999. I entered a secondary school. While tidying up the chair after the Form I orientation session, someone called my name from behind. I turned, and after three years, there she was again. Though we were not in the same class that year and the next, I had a few opportunities to ask her about my fellow classmates in the old school. Here I also met one of my former classmate, may he forgive me for I had forgotten his name.

To be Part II

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Monday, February 21, 2005

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Damn, correct on all counts!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Jason Mumbles

Just. Go. There.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Act III - Scene IV: Bad Weather

So, the Valentine Cards are on their way. Wait, nope. There are two clubs catering to Valentine's Day delivery at my school. I ordered the cards from one of these group, and they fail to collect the order form on that date. Now I am both frustrated and relieved. Frustrated because my crush(es) probably don't know that I exist, and relieved that I have not done anything that might be of a worry to them.

Back to square one now.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

“Xin Nian2 Kuai4 Le4″ (Happy New Year), “Shen Ti3 Jian4 Kang” (Good Health) & “Gong Xi3 Fa Cai2″ (Prosperity).

Yeah, I'm lazy...copied from Hanyi's website.
'Jangan Talipon Lagi' by Alleycats is a really, really nice song. Listen, and you'll know why. Just do a Google search on the title and you'll find the place to download the song.

Oh, and I wrote the lyrics as I listen to the song. So this is the first one on the Net.
Di perhentian bas aku menunggu
Kekasih hati yang aku rindu
Katanya semalam tunggulah disini
Aku datang jam tiga petang

Sekian lama aku menanti
Namun wajahnya tak juga menjelang
Ku talipon rumah
Ibunya menjawab
Zaleha tak boleh pergi

Jangan talipon lagi
Leha tak boleh pergi
Jangan talipon lagi
Jangan kawan dengannya
Jangan kawan dengan anakku

Sejak hari itu asyik termenung
Fikiran kosong bertambah bingung
Makan ku tak kenyang
Mandi pun tak basah
Sini salah sana pun salah

Jangan talipon lagi
Leha tak boleh pergi
Jangan talipon lagi
Jangan kawan dengannya
Jangan kawan dengan anakku

Kalau begini biarkan saja
Aku kan cuba melupakannya
Hanya satu saja yang tak dapat lupa
Kata-kata dari ibunya

Jangan talipon lagi
Leha tak boleh pergi
Jangan talipon lagi
Jangan kawan dengannya
Jangan kawan dengan anakku

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Act III - Scene II: Opening Moves

So, today I gathered my courage (and guts that's spread all over the floor) and finally decided to send something for Valentine to the girls that I have a crush on. Of course, it will cause a scandal of unprecedented scale should it leak out. To prevent this, I laundered the form through another class (the Class Monitor is a good friend of mine) and writing in the worst handwriting possible - readable, of course.

So what did I sent? Two Valentine's day card. A bloody RM 2.00 each, a rip-off. I wonder what the response will be. Logically, I won't know anything. But it sure released a burden of my back. The burden of not letting the people I have a crush on that I fancy them.

I have learnt my lessons before. I confessed to two girls some years back (at different occasion), and was rejected. The consequences? My relationship with the first girl went colder than ice; looks normal with the second one albeit with a little uneasiness.

To be continued in Act III - Scene III: The First

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Axis History Factbook

Very good site. Remember to visit the forum!

(Warning: for very, very serious historian. Not for the light hearted, or armchair historian.)

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

No blog entry for today.