Thursday, February 03, 2005

Act III - Scene II: Opening Moves

So, today I gathered my courage (and guts that's spread all over the floor) and finally decided to send something for Valentine to the girls that I have a crush on. Of course, it will cause a scandal of unprecedented scale should it leak out. To prevent this, I laundered the form through another class (the Class Monitor is a good friend of mine) and writing in the worst handwriting possible - readable, of course.

So what did I sent? Two Valentine's day card. A bloody RM 2.00 each, a rip-off. I wonder what the response will be. Logically, I won't know anything. But it sure released a burden of my back. The burden of not letting the people I have a crush on that I fancy them.

I have learnt my lessons before. I confessed to two girls some years back (at different occasion), and was rejected. The consequences? My relationship with the first girl went colder than ice; looks normal with the second one albeit with a little uneasiness.

To be continued in Act III - Scene III: The First

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