Thursday, May 15, 2003

My friend have went back to his hostel (dormitory); ending a three day stay with me at my house during the holidays of Maulidur Rasul and Wesak Day. One of the reasons that I can't update this thing. I'll be going back to school tomorrow, and the good news is; the teacher's are still checking the exam papers so that leaves us students a lot of free time to do...whatever we want to!

Love Hina episode 3 was finished. Now I'm downloading Episode 4 over my ol' 56k. Anyone who want to give me the complete series as a present are welcome to do so *evil grin*. My friends introduced me to this site: . It have some anime openings and endings (not all, but it's a lot to me). Just make sure you have Real Player before downloading (get the free one). With the demise of one of my usual-visited manga download site, my Chobits manga downloads have grind to a halt. Last year was the worst data loss disaster ever. I lost almost 3 GB of data; including but not limited to manga scans of Rurouni Kenshin (Volume 1 till 12), Detective Conan, ROMs, pictures, website templates, exes and a lot of sentimental things (some of them are from the year 1998)

Do you play games online? Do you find Star Wars Galaxies too demanding? Perhaps you need to visit .

Do you newsgroup? If so, drop by at tmnet.communities (might be unaccessible if you're from another ISP, but it doesn't matter as you can use google) and search for me!

It's 6 pm, and I need to get a shower early to get my daily dosage of anime from 1830 till 2000. Ja!

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