Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Adenan Satem: Future CM of Sarawak?

As you all have probably heard, the Cabinet has been reshuffled, albeit a minor one. And since the Sarawak State Elections are coming, rumours are quite rife.

On 11 February, Saturday, the Prime Minister paid a visit to the Chief Minister of Sarawak, who was recovering from a minor operation, at his personal residence in Demak. Speculations (emphasise speculations) state that the Prime Minister asked the Chief Minister to not participate in the upcoming elections, which in effect means that he (Taib) will probably step down from the post of CM.

Adenan is quite high on the list. He is often seen as the successor to Taib. But until the elections and subsequent executive appointments, speculations are speculations.

Disclaimer: NSDS3 cannot vote since he is under-aged.

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Desmond said...

To be CM he has to go through the party process of getting the PBB party process. I think the PBB being the backbone of the Government now will have to abide by the constitutional process of having the President of the Party lead the election and subsequently win to gain the confidence of the members.