Saturday, March 10, 2007

Yo folks

Been some time since I wrote shit and stuff in here. Why wait?

As most of you know, I've gotten myself a PS2 after the finals. It kept me occupied for two weeks where I breath, slept and ate nothing but Playstation 2 games. After that, it just went downhill as I spend less and less time with the thing. Now I rarely touch it, except when I need to waste a little bit of time. On an interesting note, I dumped the bios and ran several homebrew programs (two of which turned my PS2 into an entertainment centre) several days after purchasing it.

On myself though, I'm feeling genuinely bored. There are no projects to keep me occupied, and many days were spent on 4chan, several forums and generally looking for more things to pirate from The Pirate Bay. I dare say that I have no social life, which for me means halving the fuel bill for the month. Really.

On another note, I got three hardware that will change the computing scene [in my home]. They are: an 80GB hard disk drive, a 17-inch monitor and an Aztech DSL600EW wireless router. With the new hard disk, I am able to resurrect my 2001-ish computer back from inactivity - and straight into my sister's hand. Hopefully, she'll be able to learn - not Microsoft Word, but Starcraft, Red Alert II and DotA. The 17-inch monitor also aided this as the old and coughing 15-inch monitor was on its last legs. As for the router, however, it changed thing quite drastically. My dad now stays up until 3 a.m. in his bedroom surfing the Net. He has become literally like me in terms of Net addiction Gotta find a way to block the signal from reaching the 2nd floor bedroom.

Anyway, that is how my life is moving along lately. Soon it will be time for classes and waking up early, though the sheer boredom of having to take only 2 subjects will be nullified by having a lot of friends stuck in the same situation. Till then, shalom.


mac said...

I've been thinking about getting a PS/2 also but I'm still not very sure whether it's a good idea.

How much did it cost and what sort of games do you play on it?

NSDS3HvLDjJd said...

RM 670 for the slim one. I usually go for hack and slash games, or games that I can jump in and out without requiring too much of my time. A little arcade flight sim (Ace Combat) too.