Saturday, August 16, 2003

I call promotional videos 'propaganda'. Don't know why, but it sounds better than calling them commercials.

Kids nowadays don't usually ride buses anymore. So when I went to a seminar this morning with my class, I was dismayed to find an air-conditioned bus (tour bus) for our transport. But upon returning, the bus had been exchanged for another one that is your typical Malaysian bus.

I like it. The space inside, running around, standing when the bus is about to stop (to get some inertia)...

Two other classes from our school went for a picnic in Matang. They brought with them an exchange student from Japan (he'll be going back on the 17th). Me and Nabil (my Sakura-obsessed friend) managed to try our newbie "Nihon-go' skills on him. Oh, so much fun we have. And to our friends: Hey guys, SPM is near!!

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