Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Bloggers Meeting and Kuching Jazz Festival

I hope that I can make it to the Kuching Jazz Festival (16-17 October). Why? Some bloggers are attending, including Wena, whose blog offer looks at various restaurants and cafes. One word can describe it: food! If you are interested, visit Wena's blog! (Interested either in the Jazz Festival, Mum-Mum (her blog) or the meeting.

Of Googlism and Names

Played a little bit with Googlism after learning it from Dr. Liew's blog, who learnt it from AuyongTC's blog. My God, that's a lot of referrals! (Referrals increased a site's traffic, which propels it in the search engines. As a result, less popular sites are at the bottom of the list.)

My results:
-nsds3 is a secondary school student with scores of straight a's in pmr
The cat is out of the bag! (This originates from Dr. Liew's blog)

-nsds3 is 229
I don't know that I'm that old. Maybe my memory is failing me. After all, I'm 229! :P

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