Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Another day, another class, another bullshit incident

It was a usual day in the class today. There are groups arguing or giving excuses to the tutor, who shot down all their arguments in a cool manner. There is a particular group that has the tendency to cause ruckus and trouble in the class. When the tutor said that she could not accept someone's assignment (from that group) due to it being incomplete, yet another major ruckus started.

She then left the class, not in anger but to attend to another business, albeit temporarily. Here is where things started to get ugly.

The person in question took his phone and called his mother, who is conveniently a staff in the Administration. He then proceeded to talk loudly (as usual) and complained about the tutor to his mother, reminding her to pass the word to the tutor's superior. Lies, slander and libel. All the while the whole class could hear what he said.

I am angry. This is more than not respecting the tutor. What the tutor has said about that person's assignment is valid. How low can one go? He took the action of blaming others instead of himself to a whole new fucking level.

I turned to my friend who was sitting next to me and commented that, should the tutor get into trouble I will defend her. He agreed, saying that he and the whole class will probably do the same. We will try to make the casualty be him instead of our tutor. If the administration refuses to listen to our plight, we will raise hell.

Let us hope and pray.

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Wei Liang said...

I think I know who that 'he' is. He was a good student before, but mixing with the wrong company of friends brought him to this level now.

It's not too late to ask him to turn back and start over again, there's still a slight hope for him.