Sunday, April 01, 2007

Camp Fucktard

Damn it all. I found out that I was supposed to go for some sort of camp for four days. While most people will jump at the chance to go camping, I'd like to say that I have no time for such bullshit.

If I were to go to the camp, I would have to forfeit four classes and lectures- four important classes and lectures. I believe most people know that to skip Physics and Maths classes can be considered suicidal, if not insane. I have no intention of repeating this semester, and just when I was about to go into overdrive mode studying my ass off, this shit comes up.

I mean, attendance are compulsory. And what I'm supposed to do there? Fucktards think that being patriotic means singing songs and doing Boleh-land things are in no position to send me off to an indoctrination camp. Seriously, it feels sort of Hitler youth-like.

It is the indoctrination classes that I have a problem with. Things that were taught there does not improve racial relations, it worsens it. Throw in conspiracy theories et al and you have a coordinated plan to assault the mind of students - university students who by now are ought to think and decide for themselves how this country's going to be run.

Er kann mich im Arsche lecken.


Wei Liang said...

What is the purpose of that camp? =/ This semester is not a good time for one...

Anwar said...

To instill 'patriotism etc' it seems, without regard to lost class hours.