Monday, September 12, 2005

Monday Loathing

What a day. Pengajian Am Paper 2 almost killed my hand, wrist and arm. I wrote essays on globalisation, drug abuse and the Federal government's income. The usual stuff.

Certain times in a year I will go berserk and download a lot of songs, whether it is an old hit or the latest one playing on the radio. I got Low Million, Queens, Gorillaz, Green Day, just to name a few. Why the music industry has not offered a bussiness model of custom CDs is beyond me. The idea is that customers get to choose the tracks that they want and have it burned on a CD. That way, customers won't have to pay for songs they don't want to hear.

Malaysian Day is coming soon. Did you remember? If it failed, Sarawak and Sabah would've been in Indonesia by now, or the Federation of North Borneo. So I'll be sitting here celebrating my independence while the folks in the capital celebrate the closing of Independence month. So much for 'equal with Malaya'.

I'm supposed to be studying for Maths T Paper 2 right now. Having problems with trigonometry and differential equations. Serves me right for not paying attention in Form 4. Listen up, Form Four students! Don't screw around with your basic!


simon said...

that's interesting, Malaysia hardly gets mentioned here in semenanjung, we only read about it in the sejarah textbook...

maybe a few photos in the papers.

sad, really.

ambiguous wanderer said...

Heheh.. my Maths T paper 2 was last week. I'll be sitting for paper 1 on Wednesday then it'll be the end of the trials. Woo hoo!

Hmm.. good thing you posted about it. I did forget about Malaysian Day although I just read something about it a few days ago. Heheh!

Ps: Thanks for the comment. I'll be adding you to my visitors list.

fred said...

just wait. 15 sept 11.59pm. check my blog... we are celebrating Malaysian Day

NSDS3HvLDjJd said...

Simon, you might want to poke the person next to you and ask 'What day is this?' on the sixteenth.

Hello wanderer, and welcome to my blog.

I think, fred, that I will do something like what you'll be doing.

ambiguous wanderer said...

Matthew, you'll be doing a special post tonight at 11.59pm too? Really? Don't make me stay up for nothing. Tomorrow's still a school day.