Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ambal (Bamboo Clam)

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I remember having my first taste of ambal a few years back. We bought quite a number near a canal lock in Asajaya, Samarahan. Ambal (bamboo clam) looks suspicously like something, bu that doesn't deter people from being a fan to this lovely edible molluscs.

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Catching these guys is an art. You can't simply walk down the beach and have a go at catching these critters, you must have a life of catching ambals to learn it.

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If you can't cook, you have someone else cook for you. I believe that most sea food restaurants in Kuching serve ambals, but I haven't tatsted the restaurant version, just my mother's cooking.

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IMHO, best steamed. Otherwise, there's a curry method.

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kcyap said...

if u masak this with curry powder. Its the best i had around the town :P Hey are you going to the gathering ? Be sure u r there dude

boo_licious said...

Nice! I love it steamed as you can taste how fresh they are.

NSDS3HvLDjJd said...

Haven't tried curry yet.