Sunday, January 22, 2006

Some major confusion here

A neutral observer might be scratching his head in confusion over what is going on currently. All this talk of Article 121 (1A). This is not easy as in most debates, the article in question is rarely cited. Here it is:

1. Subject to Clause (2) the judicial power of the Federation shall be vested into High Courts of co- ordinate jurisdiction and status, namely-
(a) one of the States of Malaya, which shall be known as the High Court in Malaya and shall have its principle registry in Kuala Lumpur; and

Strange. Very strange. I am wondering whether I am looking at the correct article!

And there's a new case, almost similar to Moorthy. Except the deceased is a Malay and a Buddhist (I believe Utusan might have got confused over 'Buddhist' and 'traditional Chinese religion'. What will the Sharia court ruling? That she is not a Muslim, or she is still a Muslim? Perhaps this might be the next controversy.

For those wanting the non-Muslim point of view, Reverend Wong Kim Kong's interview in Mingguan Malaysia today might shed some light. I urge all to follow logic and not emotions, or there will be more cracks in the nation.

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