Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Some guy kissed my car's ass today.

Some guy kissed my car's ass today.

It happened at the toll bridge traffic light, in the direction of Petra Jaya. I was drumming the steering wheel to the tune of some random Dayak song, gear in first position, pedal of the brake applied to the metal. Suddenly, there was slight jolt. I glanced at my side mirror and saw a Kelisa that had gotten a little too close to my car's arse... blue Kelisa, guy driver, QKV2383.

Well, I don't want no hubba-hubba. Especially not at a traffic light intersection at the time when people are rushing home. Not to mention the guy's wife is inside the car... hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, even though it's his fault. I glanced through my rear windscreen. He raised his hand. I raised mine. He raised his again. I raised mine, again. The light turned green, and we started to move.

After paying for the toll, I remembered that I forgot to take note of the car's plate number. Just in case though. It's not like I'm going to call my tonto friends... right? Um... Anyway, since I was in the fast lane and I saw the Kelisa coming in behind me, I changed lanes and allowed him to pass... along with his plate number, into my memory. Incidentally, the road we took are the same and this goes on and on and on...

Turns out he lives in the same residential area as me.

The damage is, as I had expected, superficial. The bumper is fortunately made of fiberglass, and the damage is negligible. The area affected is about the size of a one cent coin. That's it! My only concern now is to do some cosmetic modification as to hide the damaged area. Then again, maybe I'll just let it be a battle scar.

I wonder if I should count this as an accident, since it is not my fault and it is not that damaging. I guess I'll keep my records clean. After all, in the words of the Black Knight, "Tis but a scratch!"

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