Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Drama suspended, playwright out of ideas

KUCHING, Tuesday: The play 'The Colonel's Diary - Act III' have been suspended indefinitely, sources said.

Alright. To get real with, this is not a 'quit-blogging' message. Instead, my posts that have names with 'Act III' in front of them will be on hold for the time being. Or indefinitely.

Why? Because I feel that it is not the time yet for me to reveal these matter. Maybe when the traffic is high, because it is quite useless if you do not have any readers.

And I agree with rkaru. To quote him:
i blog for my own satisfaction and if people wanna read, go ahead and read. if not, absolutely no loss for me.

Well said.


penny said...

eh i'm just curious... what race are you? :P

NSDS3HvLDjJd said...

I love to be mysterious, so check your mail.

penny said...

oh! fuck.. i tot who the fuck was that.. AHAHHA