Sunday, March 27, 2005

Pictures, Yes

Blogs are usually spiced up with pictures and the like. The problems are:
i) I don't have a digital camera
ii) I have a scanner, but unless you're a stalker there is nothing interesting in my albums (except leng luis, maybe?)
iii)I have a DV cam that can be considered 'old' (2001) and this also gave rise to another problem: hosting

I don't want to spice up my blog with pictures that are grabbed from nowhere and used for motivational posts. Not hinting at any particular blogs, mmkay?

As for my health, I'm glad to say that I'm fully recovered. Aside from my left ear which is constantly ringing and my right which was lukaed a bit (both of which I guess are the consequences of the heavy fever), I'm doing alright.


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