Friday, November 25, 2005

Meeting My Old Friends

(This entry is meant for Wednesday, 23rd of November. Positioning of the pictures have nothing to do with text, except for the last two.)

Some time ago someone planned a lunch at McDonald's. The day came. I started off from my house at 1300 and got there at 1320. There was no more parking space in front of the shop itself, so I had to park at Tun Jugah's basement. Walking from the complex to McD, I ran into my friends who were apparently going to attend the same lunch. We chatted for a while, and I went scouting the McD to see for any sign of our friends.

Found three of them. Jd was there too...

Paid three of my friends' meals. For me, two pieces of chicken, french fries and a large Coca-Cola.

I haven't seen some of them for two years now. Absence makes the heart go fonder.

Had a good time. I was the last to leave with this girl's group. Went checking Popular bookstore for a while before deciding that trying to buy something with people moving boxes about is hard.

I am very happy.

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