Saturday, November 19, 2005

My Mother and Her Sixth Sense

"You have a girlfriend, don't you?" said my mother one day while we're in the kitchen.

My mind shifted into 5th gear immediately. "Wh-what? I don't have any." My mom continued, "You're sure? From the looks of it, you're quite popular at school.* 'Abang NSDS3', or something like that. And the messages in the phone..."
* I am _not_ popular at school.

"Don't have any."

"How about Dj?** Isn't she your girlfriend?" Mom displayed one of her I-know-it grins. Uh-oh, I have to end this conversation. "No, she IS NOT my girlfriend!"
** Dj is my second crush. Also part of my nickname. I never knew how she figured that I had a crush on Dj.

"Hmm...L have a girlfriend, doesn't he***?" she said with another grin.
*** How the hell did she know that? Even L's parent doesn't know that! It's a very confidential thing!

"Eh? He have?****"
**** I feigned ignorance.

"He told me.*****" At this point, I said a pun that made her laugh so hard that she forgot about the girlfriend talk.
***** Unlikely, since L has never met my mom.

So if you ever meet my mom, beware. Cause she have the sixth sense.


Jason said...

Spooky. Better confess when you got your gf.

Alex said...

sometimes.. parents just know. like my mum.. she just knows. i'd be munching on my favourite snack and she'd ask the question. Straight to the point "Who's that girl?" Damn! :)

Btw, i'm from sarawak too, i'm from sibu but am in melbourne now. good to see another sarawakian blogger. oh, and good luck wif ur exam! cheers!

hornbill said...

Can ur mum predict who's ur gf? Hehehe... anyway, all the best for u baby.. U r from St Jo or St Thom? sorry if i'm wrong.

NSDS3HvLDjJd said...

Jason: Somehow I don't feel that I need to confess when the time comes. She should already know :o

Alex: Good to see another Sarawakian blogger!

grace: No, I'm from neither schools.

hornbill said...

alamak... smkbl?