Monday, December 05, 2005

Busy Holiday/I'll Never See Them Again

Holiday means slacking off? No, it gets busier for me.

I attended a meet with my friends on the 23rd. Became a 'consultant' for Mr. L, who bought a Playstation 2 on the 24th. After that, it became so hectic that I can't remember what I've done. What have I done?! D:

Anyway, back on topic. My parents' foster daughter arrived in Kuching on the 30th and will be staying with us until Christmas. Now, don't you dare suggest naughty things. Not with my mother's sixth sense.


School's ended. Goodbye. While I don't show it, deep in my heart I know that for some of my friends, this will be the last time I'll be seeing them. Fate, life and death have a part in it. I've seen the example in my father. 25 years after his Form 5, there are still his friends that he met for the first time for 25 years. Some had passed on.

My advice to those still studying: write your full address in the school magazine. Buy a school magazine, don't make excuses. Don't try and not put your name in it.

Believe me, twenty years from now you'll regret it.

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Nadz said...

ahh.. thank god i was wise enough to write my full address. though i regretted writing my hp num. but the time i submitted i wrote my home num also whatt.. the editors put hp only! aiyaa..