Saturday, June 24, 2006


What the... saykhia tagged me for a meme! w00t! First time someone did. Wait, do I have friends...? It sounds so...pathetic.

Anyway, on with the show. The rules are:
  • *Eight different points for my perfect partner
  • *Gender (I'm no Homer)
  • *Tag others (hate this part)
  • *Have fun (Yeah, right)
Intellectual: What can I say, I'm a zombie, need brains. But it is very disheartening to have a partner that does not understand how the world works.

Beautiful: It sure take quite a while for your heart to open up to non-beautiful people. And it doesn't necessarily mean physical beauty, you know.

Knows my train of thought: I'm thinking of something else. By going from A to B, I might choose the path 3, not A and a half.

Go well with my parents: You want a war with the parents? Being forced to choose between your wife/lover or your parents will screw you up.

Not naïve: Someone who is attuned to the real world. There are many crooks and cheats around, and being naïve is damning.

Love babies, hate little kids: Nothing is more annoying than 5 to ten year old little kids running around while their parents pretend not to notice. By "running around", I mean running around, opening MY HOUSE's cabinets, looking at MY STUFF, climbing the chairs, the table. Seriously, parents, only my self-restraint prevents me from kicking your child's ass. Literally. Back on the topic.

Good in bed: *coughamustcough*

There, I'm clear of debt.


fred said...

Look at your Adsense :)

Your criteria is the same with mine. Nerds seem to share the same traits.

saykhia said...

Wahahaha. First time tagged with a meme? I'm glad to have the honor of being the one doing that =P

Well, now we know the criteria you seek. Just wait till I print this out and paste it all over the place...

NSDS3HvLDjJd said...

fred: Eh? Which ads?

saykhia: Drop dead!