Friday, December 15, 2006

The Day Before

I arrived at the campus at 1430, parking in a mostly empty area. I entered the building and pressed the 'Up' button of the lift. Except that I did not realise that the lift is not working due to the fire. Refraining to kick myself in the head for the error, I climbed up the stairs to the fifth floor, where our booth is supposed to be.

I did not find any club members there, although the tables and chairs in the classrooms were already arranged. Visiting their favourite haunt, the computer lab, also failed since there has been a network error due to the fire and the lab itself was closed. So I gave a call.

It turned out that they were hanging around in a classroom at the sixth floor. We waited for some time for the club president to arrive, and when he did we pounced on him for keeping us waiting for quite some time. After that, we did what we came to do: prepare our club's booth. That finished (at 2000), all of us except for one person raced to Tabuan Jaya to pick up some supplies for the club as well as give our collective stomaches a treat.

The stage is set for what could be the best or the worst performance of the club.


Wei Liang said...

I heard that the Anime club got the 2nd place. Congratz man! Your hard work was payed off nicely :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks bud.