Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Watch

It never cease to amuse me how low some people stoop to get their point across. He is the outspoken one, this man. On the positive side he puts forward the complaints and gripes of his fellow students. On the other hand, however, his methods are not to my liking. While he views himself as being against racism in the campus, his friends' comments left much to be asked for. One can not be against racism if one turns a blind eye to racism.

Another note is his views of the outgoing student council. In his own words, he blames the student council even when the area concerned is outside of the council's jurisdiction, or even when the council does not have any say at all! Even knowing this, he continues his harassment (yes, I term it that way. You'll see why) of the council "just for the fun of seeing their reaction(s)" (his own words).

Why did I call it harassment? One, even when he stood by idly when his friends (read: cliques) called the leading man of the council insulting, stereotypical name; names that even the locals do not use to call that particular nationality. I am concerned that this will leave a negative impression on that man, which will indirectly drag the country and Swinburne's name into the mud. Secondly, he posted a picture of one of the council's members with his girlfriend. Pardon me, but other pictures of him are readily available, minus the girlfriend. When you bring in other people who are not directly involved in this petty squabble of yours, you will bear the brunt of whatever consequences that might occur.

I will be keeping watch over his blog, as well as the comments posted there. I kept silent for the time being in order to allow the council to sit for their examinations in peace. If things turn ugly, I will forward an anonymous letter to the Administration. Your connections with the Management will not help you. I have collected the necessary evidence. To my fellow readers, please keep what I have written here secret. Do not discuss it with others, except with me. I can not afford to let the person know that he is being watch. Remember: the wall have ears.

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