Thursday, February 15, 2007


Absence makes the heart go fonder, they say. Or screws up the brain.

I found myself in my old school. There was a busy atmosphere, as if something is going to happen soon, perhaps an event. The whole school was mobilised. Newly painted walls were everywhere, even on the main hall's walls. And they were blue.

I found myself face-to-face with a 'friend' of mine, who apparently works as a painter. Not far from him I found a girl. The Girl, or as a friend of mine and myself included call her, 'Kh'. It seems that she wound up as a boyfriend to this 'friend' of mine, and obviously I wasn't too happy with it. From the look of it, all the five years that I spent chasing after her was wasted.

The next part was quite bizarre. The roads of the industrial area was replaced with gravel. The two-lane road was being expanded into a four-way avenue, and my car had difficulty in navigating that area. I arrived at a deserted residential complex, and found myself unable to get out as I did not take a parking pass when I entered. I slammed on the gas and rammed through the tollgate. Nobody pursued me, to my luck.

The school administration building, the porch. The headmistress was here. My distaste for her shows even in my dream when I kneeled down to take something and was quick to remember "I won't bow down to her".

After that I was transported back to the front of the school gate. This time, Jenny was here. She is still sweet as ever. Not that I ever talked to her, heh.

And the first thing that I remembered when I woke up was to send Jenny a Chinese New Year greeting.

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