Sunday, February 25, 2007

Me try to get out of degree

My degree programme starts tomorrow. The first class is Engineering Mathematics, the second Programming in C. But I have other plans tomorrow.

I was quite amused several days ago when I found my name inside the list of people eligible to enter the programme. The reason is that I have not yet completed my foundation programme, having repeated two subjects in the past semester and looking forward to complete the remaining two subjects that I dropped to take the subjects that I had to repeat.

I think it is better for me to be kicked out tomorrow rather than right smack in the middle of the first semester, where I will be quite into the programme to get out of it. Not to mention that it was probably the administration's fault that my name got onto the list. Hopefully, things will be much more clearer tomorrow. My friend, who is in the same situation as I am, will be joining me tomorrow in our search for answers. We must get this right before we get the loans approved; if not, the fuck up will be too big to handle - and it might get out of hand.

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