Friday, February 02, 2007

The Interview

I have an interview scheduled this Thursday morning. The alarm was set to 7 a.m., but my mom appeared and said that I could wake up anytime I want. Which caused me to wake up at 8:45, and I rushed like hell to get on the road and arrive before 10:00 as was ordered of us. I was furthered delayed by a Thaipusam procession, not that I have anything against it.

The car I parked quite a distance from the campus, after getting there around 9:50. After arriving at the waiting area, I noticed that my laptop bag has mud sprinkled around it. Drat. So I took my seat, but I didn't take my laptop out. You're not supposed to be surfing the Net while waiting to be interviewed!

The waiting time is the hardest. Each candidate took around 7 to 9 minutes to be interviewed. I was the fourth candidate.

For once I entered the room of power. Several nods, a greeting and I was invited to take a seat, which I promptly did. The lead interviewer is who I expected it to be, but the interviewers are faces familiar around the area. Frankly, I think my stuttering showed up during the interview. Which is either a good thing or a bad thing.

Anyway, I'll find out the results in a week,

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