Sunday, August 21, 2005

NSDS3 on Race-Based Parties

Reading the Berita Minggu today, I come across an interview with Dr Khoo Kay Kim. In my opinion he have a very open mind, and I wish Malaysia have more people like him. Dr. Khoo raised many important points, among them race-based parties, how dangerous it is and how we, the young Malaysians, can make a change.

One sentence that caught my attention is this: "Kita perlu menggalakkan golongan muda melihat itu secara liberal. Tapi untuk melakukan susah. Kalau ahli politik tahu, dia akan menghalang kerana masa depan politiknya bergantung kepada kewujudan perpecahan itu." which roughly translate into "We need to encourage the young to see it (racial issues) in a liberal manner. But to do it is hard. If the politician knows, he will block it since his political career depends on the existance of the divisions.

I have yet to see one party in Malaysia that can really claim itself as a multi-ethnic party. In the years of old, there are a number of political parties that can claim just that. But now? To make matters worse, there are even two or three parties that claim itself as championing its race.

I can not vote until November 6th, 2007 when I will be 21 years old. By then, I would have made up my mind on whom to choose. But if the party that I believe to be good for the people raise non-sensical issues, like how the floodgates create flood (!), then I have no other choice but to go with the one that have more brain.

Any attempt to talk with my friends about politics will get me into trouble. They are the stereotype of race-based parties, only thinking about their own instead of the greater issue and the world outside. To think that they are the future gave me the chills.


Chewxy said...

Hence, you have teh interw3b!
You can voice your political opinion online, you know.

Race based politics are a sad fact of life tho. There is nothing you can do to change that. Why?

Our mentality. People would go : ZOMG! THIS SOCIAL CONTRACT WAS MADE 1003241603124723 YEARS AGO!!! CANNOT CHANGE!!

And every now and then, they change the constitution (which was also made zillions of years ago) like adding stupid things like National Service... yadda yadda

Identity Crisis said...

I'm 28yo, and the truth of it all is I've never voted. Not even once. Simply because it's not worth it. Give me someone that will be truly fair to ALL the races, especially the non-malay bumis, and i'll vote in a heart beat.

NSDS3HvLDjJd said...

chewxy: ZOMG! THOU 4R7 R1GH7!

ic: Well, we have to do something instead of hoping for a change.