Saturday, August 06, 2005

There's A New Cat In Town

There was a knock on the door. Mom answered it. Turned out to be the neighbour's mother, a widow. When her husband died, she left his cat with us.

She said that she had captured a cat that was chased by the kids in her village. I find it strange that a cat of such breed is ownerless. The reason that she came to our house is that her daughter is out when she came for a visit.

But the cat, of course. The canine is a she, and at blog time is still nameless. A domestic longhair in a village? Unimagineable.

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The lock-up.

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Actually, she's scared.

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Cat and curiosity are inseperable.

Must find a name. Dad's suggesting a Western name this time.

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hornbill said...

WAH.. U HAVE LOT OF MIAU KA? U dont want that cat? Give me can ka? Let call the cat... PUssy....