Tuesday, August 23, 2005

You Want to Talk to Who?!

What's your response on receiving a call from an unknown number?

3310 rings. I grabbed it, thinking of someone. Not.


"Hallo. Siam?" an Indonesian voice greeted me, much to my amusement.


"Ya, Siam." Yes, Siam.

"Di sini tidak ada orang namanya Siam." There's no one here with that name.

"Siam adik saya." Siam is my brother.

"Sudah saya bilang, di sini tiada orang namanya Siam." I've told you, there's no one here with the name Siam.

"Oh, begitu... trima kasih ya." I see... thanks.

"Sama-sama." You're welcome.

0301...what number is that?!


Identity Crisis said...

Actually, 0301 usually means an international long distance call is coming thru.

hornbill said...

wah.... indonesian got siam name...? hehehe

NSDS3HvLDjJd said...

ic: oh... thanks for the info.

grace: I have no idea. I thought he wanted to speak with my cat whose name is Siam.