Friday, March 03, 2006

My new BB gun

I spotted this BB gun a few days ago at an unnamed shop in Matang. Acting on impulse, I bought it today at RM 3.50. The gun's design is based on the Walther PPK. The main point of this gun, however, is its sheer size. I mean, sheer small size. 12 centimeters long, it is almost the same size as a CD.

The magazine can be filled with 7 6mm BB plastic pellets. I expended all of them within 30 minutes. Fortunately, I have a backup supply of bullets from Serikin.

This BB gun is not perfect. The sights does not align properly, one side is higher than the other! And a shorter gun means a shorter barrel which translates into horrible accuracy. I estimated that it is good for up to 3 meters, anymore than that and your shots miss your intended target by several feet.

This is my fourth BB gun. BB guns from China are notorious for their compressor's unreliability. They tend to break after a lot of shooting. I would say not enough shots for you to really enjoy it. If I can find a machien shop in Kuching, perhaps I can fashion a compressor myself.

Overall, cheap gun with questionable reliability. And remember, airsoft, BB guns or any kind in the family are illegal in Malaysia!


Desmond said...

I am trying to identify the pistol in my blog

Do you recognise the make of the gun? Someone says the one that looks like the Counter Strike gun i always used is a Steyr while the revolver is a 0.38 mm Revolver. I do not want to blog the names of these equipment wrongly. Thanks in advance for your help.

NSDS3HvLDjJd said...

It looks like a Glock and most likely is a Glock. What's the caliber?

Raith Endac said...

Due to the proportions of the weapon and the shape/styling, it's a glock compact. Depending on the caliber, it could be one of 6 models. It is impossible, as you cannot see the top of the slide, to tell wether the weapon is compensated or not. Therefore, it is, fir the following calibers:

9x19 (Glock 19 or 19C) [C is compensated, impossible to tell without seeing the top of the slide]

.40 (Glock 23 or 23C)

.357 (Glock 32 or 32C)

.38 (Glock 25 or 25C)

fred said...

hey.. we should get together I search for BB gun in Kuching...

I have one from China... but I have seen a sub machine gun BB gun... any idea where can I get it?

luke said...

it's a steyr m40