Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sierra Tango Papa Mike Results

Papa Alpha: 3.67
Mike Alpha Tango Hotel Tango: 0.00
Papa Hotel Yankee: 1.00
Charlie Hotel Mike: 1.33



Identity Crisis said...

I never went thru form 6, but i suppose you're not happy with what u got. All I can say is take it easy, and chill, becoz life is more, much more than exams and pieces of paper telling u what u "should" be. Trust me on this one. Few years from now, you'll probably wonder what all these exams were meant for.

NSDS3HvLDjJd said...

Life goes on, eh?

Desmond said...

Though I cannot interprete the Tango and Charlie thingy as I am not well versed with Form 6 - Life is like that....My academic life is full of D's but i make sure I live up to the A's that life is intended to be lived.....u need to go out for a drink just message my blog :)

decypher said...

dude, be proud you survived form 6. because i didn't even dare to go through it.

Apai Salleh said...

Don't worry dude, I went through Form 6. It was tough but it was a "finishing school" for me.


Congratulations on completing your STPM.