Monday, March 13, 2006

Three days to STPM results

Yippe kay yey! Three more days to go. This wait of four months is murdering me. Anyway, for you SPM guys and gals: good luck.

STPM students can check their results through SMS after 11 a.m., 16 March. I believe the text should be "STPM " and send it to 39003. Remember, after 11 a.m!

My friends, my friends, my friends! How I miss all of you! Kawaii hime! My heart longs out for you! Good luck!

What to do after:
1) Unimas, or
2) Curtin, or
3) Swinburne, or
4) Polytechnic (Diploma), or
5) STPM (Arts Stream), or
6) TESL, or
7) Unexpected stuff

Wish me good luck ^_^


Desmond said...

Good Luck pal - what do u plan to take up? That's important in deciding which Uni to go to :)

decypher said...

good luck! :D

wong said...

Whoa... How is the result? Out alrady la... :P