Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Fourth Meeting

Recess time. I spotted the matchmaker and her friend going to the library. Since I had finished eating and drinking I was on their heels in seconds. Distracting her friend was done easily; she had something to do - because I reminded her - and left. I approached the rack where the matchmaker is, it's quite hidden from view and spying ears.

"Hello," I said to the her. "I would like an update regarding Miss G."

She was startled for a moment. "Very well. This might be considered as a good news for you. About her having being attached, well, I found out that he is just a friend."

I heaved a sigh of relief in my mind, as I usually restrain myself from sighing. We chatted, no, more like discussing various issues regarding relationship. The matchmaker enquired about the status of a friend of mine, I answered that his status is very much in the dark. Direct and subtle enquiries does not work as he often gives vague answers.

The next line took me by suprise (but I don't show it to her, just raised my eyebrows like Vulcans and Teal'c do).

"I like someone in my class," the matchmaker said. "He likes me too, but we both have trouble expressing our feelings."


I made three guesses, the first and second one didn't nail it but the third hit it - right on the spot. When I described him (as his name escaped me at that time), she is visibly flustered.

I will do my best to help you, Miss Matchmaker, after what you have done for me.

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