Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Love Comrades

It is, perhaps, one of the strange relationships that I had encountered. Feels as if you are watching Onegai Twins, where the two girls forge alliance with each other to gain the love of the boy. But let me tell you my story.

In the year 2003, yours truly is in Form 5. A friend of mine, lets call him Mr. O, who was my classmate the year before is a frequent visitor to our class and my home (no, no hanky panky here). Through this visits I came to know that he is interested in Miss L, a girl whom I have set my eyes on during 2001.

Instead of an all-out rivalry between the two of us, we became love comrades instead. Sharing information is but a few things that we do, including tapping the other on the shoulder should Miss L pass by. Alas, Mr. O's interest in Miss L quickly waned and he changed targets to two new girls: Miss C and Miss R. Again the pattern emerged. Both of us are interested in the two girls, but we are not enemies.

Mr. P, who is a classmate of mine and also an anime fanatic is my love comrade. Also in the year 2003, I've noticed a girl. Quite different from others, I must say. I asked Mr. P's opinion and he agreed with me. An ad hoc survey was conducted randomly, and most of the respondents agree that she is --beautiful. The Girl.

But things don't quite last. Mr. P went to Labuan for matriculation, while I took a six-month hiatus before re-entering the school.

At present, Mr. O is attached, Miss R finished her matriculation, Miss C will be sitting for her STPM this year and Mr. P has not got any offers from universities. As for Miss L, the last I heard of her is that she is studying some place 20 kilometers away from my present school.

And I'm still trying to win the Girl's heart.


fred said...

somebody is watching to many anime...

NSDS3HvLDjJd said...

But this is real life. And it beats any anime plot!