Sunday, May 08, 2005

Kuala Krai as I Remember It

That's not my dad.
At the Kuala Krain train station, 1987.
Yours truly.
The blogger, aged 7 months, in blue shirt and shorts.

I love to go back, to 'return' to Kuala Krai. As I was there before I could remember anything, there isn't anything much to remember about it. There is a warm, familiar feeling whenever I think about Kuala Krai. Inspired by Cikgu Lee.

Today, 8th of May is V-E Day. Me, being a history buff remembers this instead of something else: Mother's Day. But as I was visiting blogs all over the Net, I was reminded of it.

Here's to you mom. Happy Mother's Day.

Shadows of the Empire, perhaps?


Cikgu Lee said...

Thanks for the nice photographs on Kuala Krai. It added up to memories too.

Simon said...

happy ve day to you, nsds3... great pics... brings back lots of memories of a different life...

Ardi said...

hi...i'm Ardy from Kuala Krai,Kelantan.Nice website :-)