Friday, May 27, 2005

Walking Back Home - Petra Jaya

(Warning: Graphic heavy. 56k users' discretion is advised.)

Just like Kenny's, mine is not a typical day. It's Friday, and of all the days, the school chose Friday, where people are itching to get home early, Friday prayers, limited time, holiday coming et al. We had our Teacher's Day celebration today, and it all ended early thanks to the absence of the principal. Looking at the time (10:40) and having a camera in hand, I decided to go home on foot. Sounds simple enough, but consider the following factors: straight distance is 1 kilometer, walking distance is 5 kilometers; the sun is blazing hot (33 degrees Celcius is my estimation) and I'm WEARING A COAT. Gah.

On to the pictures!
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Down the hill from my school. I'm walking alone...well, I know that a certain girl I have a crush on is looking at me from behind (she's waiting for her ride home)

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This signboard reminds me of the Nazca lines. You know, the big bird?

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Yes, that's the Penang flag. The governor is on a visit here. In the background is the State Legislative Assembly.

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Thick tree cover + no tropical seeds = short grass, which is beautiful in my opinion.

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If you think this road name is long, you ain't seen nothing yet!

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The Court (judges, lawyer and all). Side view.

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Awfully sorry, I forgot to rotate this one... This is Wisma Bapa Malaysia, housing a number of government offices and state ministries.

I got back home, removed my shoes and saw that the veins on my feets were swollen three times their size. To top it off, I have no key and have to wait for over an hour until my mother returned (who was waiting for me at the school...the irony).

Yeah, we have alot of round abouts in Sarawak and most of them are really, really big.


Nadia said...

Hey.. I think we're in the same school.. hehe. I'm in form 5(sc1). do visit my blog, thanks. Nice meeting you.

saRah said...

happy holidays!

NSDS3HvLDjJd said...

nadia: O_o; Uh...better hide and delete all the posts... nah, just kidding. Visited your blog, but can't be bothered to register just to comment...sorry.

sarah: Thanks!

Simon said...

i used to walk to school everyday for 11 years. but of course it wasn't 5km. more like 2 km.

enjoy your holidays. don't forget to update yer blog...