Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Minus One Mistress, Wait...

Thunderstorm started at 4:30 a.m. yesterday. If it's the raining season there is a rule of thumb: if it doesn't rain in the morning, it will in the evening. The weather today was a bit unusual, in a sense that it got very cloudy in the afternoon. The teachers are all in a meeting, so my classmates decided to hit the road before it rained. A few of us were left in class, and feeling very, very bored, I went to the library with my friend from another class and his mistress (hey, he called her that and she seemed to like it).

I am the type that can never study in a library (being a bibliophile, yeah). While I was there, I managed to finish The Red Badge of Courage. Heard the title before, but never knew that it was about a soldier in the [American] Civil War. Had I known, I would have picked up the book earlier. The time was 1:40, and seeing the angry black clouds with winds howlin', we decided to scram as parents are only allowed to pick up their children outside the gate, and there is no roof between the gate and the nearest cover (a distance of 200 metres)

My friend and his sister went back quickly as their father are already waiting for them. That left me and her mistress still waiting for our ride back home. Don't get any weird ideas, ya! The rain was already falling heavily, the winds threatening to tear the zinc roofs of the village houses outside. I rushed first to a covered bus stop nearby, while she lags behind.

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew and with a crashing sound, a branch that probably weighs 20 kilograms and having a length of 2 metres came crashing down from the trees above, narrowly missing her by a split second. She was startled, turned her head round, saw the branch and started to walk at a faster pace towards the bus stop. The incident was also witnessed by other students there as well.

She made it to the bus stop. I said,
"You're a lucky girl."
"Almost got a heart attack there."
"I'll tell [my friend] tomorrow. Close shave, luckily you were one second faster."

I'm going to tell my friend tomorrow how close he came to losing her mistress.

You must be really bored to be reading this...oh, and I might not be available until Saturday.

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