Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A Lot of Paperwork

Currently buried under the paperwork for this Friday's Teacher's Day celebration, school level. Why so late, you ask? The students all finish their exams on Thursday. Why Friday? Blame it on the principal.

I fail to see the logic in holding it on Friday. The programme is schedueled to start at 7.10 and finish at 9.35. That is the assembly (performances, speeches) part only, not including the buffet whatsoever. By 11 am, the teachers are getting edgy and will not stay -- even to eat. And since Friday is the last day of school, the turnout is expected to be extremely low -- don't blame us if the hall is empy.

To top it off, I am given this paperwork that needs to be submitted tomorrow. I feel that someone is sucking up to someone, and we underlings are the one getting the heat. When Hishamuddin said you are not burdened with administrative tasks, he does not mean that you can lump it on us.

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