Sunday, May 22, 2005

What Should I Do?

Fellow bloggers, I came to you with a dilemma in my mind.

To start with, there is a girl in school that I am interested in (I can hear the sound of people sighing as they read this). I started to notice her in 2003, three years ago. Time passed and I got to know her name. Aside from that, there is no other contact, but whenever I saw her a peaceful feeling passed over me. She is two years junior than me. Three years passed and now she is in Form Five and I am in Upper Six. I would like to make use of the time remaining before I finished school.

What should I do? Should I, a stranger, confess my love to her?

Edit: She is the 校花.


5xmom said...

Minat dengar pendapat saya tak? After all you asked for 'fellow bloggers'. Go for it. Find some excuses, attend whatever sport/school functions where she is most likely to be around. Try to get near, bump into her kah, whatever lah. Start by introducing yourself, at break time, cari chance duduk sekali. I remember one male blogger blogged that last time, he bluffed his teacher that he is on duty and purposely curi to get out of class to be on the same break time with the girl. Forgot who, though.

Just do it! (ala Nike)
BTW, wanna read about my Form 5 sejarah, it is available here.
My Form 3 son dah pun ada gf. Cuma sekadar kawan apa salahnya. Moga berjaya!

Anonymous said...

Jump in dude. If you never did give it a try, you'll be wondering about the road not taken once you leave school. Get to know her a bit more. Let her know you a bit more. Then let things take on a life on their own. I've wasted tons of time thinking about the road not taken, so give it a try eh. Thinking about what could have been is never a good sight ;)

NSDS3HvLDjJd said...

Introducing myself is the hard part, since I'm very shy.