Friday, April 29, 2005

Be Sitting For MUET Tomorrow

As I am writing this, everyone else in my household is in dreamland. The situation clarified, 'what is MUET?', you might ask. MUET is the Malaysian University English Test, compulsory for anyone taking his/her first degree in a local university. Whether you are coming from Diploma, Matriculation or STPM; you have to take it. Since most (if not all) [science-based] courses these days are conducted in English, it is a way to ensure that the student will understand what is being taught.

Having said that, I myself will be sitting for the exam tomorrow (as the title said). Would like to ask anyone who read this to wish me luck, and if you are a believer, please pray for my success. A stranger's success. Thank you.


uzyn said...

All the best.

I'll be sitting for my university exams tomorrow too.

A random surfer from PPS,

Law Tien Soon said...

All the best in your MUET! Don't worry, MUET is easy to pass :-) But frankly speaking, even if you get band 6 in MUET, to my personal observations, it doesn't present significant advantages in job interview as well. Most of the interviewers or employers won't ask about that, unless you go for any job that require excellent English command haha. The interview's concern, is actually the way you speak during interview session. They usually judge from there

NSDS3HvLDjJd said...

Thank you zyntax, and all the best to you too!

You're right tien soon. MUET is just to get into university and nothing else. Period.

infested_ysy said...

Yep, just like those extra co-curiculumn activities. Nobody cares if you're the president of the whole prefects league in your school, except for those who are supposed to assign you positions for your university choice. :p

So how's your MUET? Agreed or disagreed with the whole higher education = maturity essay title? (a rather interesting title that's almost extinct in recent MUET papers, IMO)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, folks. Contrary to popular perception, it does help in securing a job and/or if you are holding one, helps to accelerate your promotion. Dont believe me, wait till your boss asks you to draft a perfect letter in English or issue a memo on his behalf. If you can do this splendidly, chances are that he is more likely to consider you when the apprasial comes around. I should know because my friend is going to promote one of his underlines merely on the strength of this guy being able to help him out in drafting the ever flooding paperwork.

Best wishes