Sunday, April 17, 2005

Bewitched - II

Continued from Bewitched - II...

Some time passed and she now has a name. Some hints: the name of a car in a movie about cars, and the name of a certain First Lady. That said, the year ended. Nabil went off to Labuan, but I continued my trainings in the club at the school, so occasionally I ran into her. Both of us pretend to look the other way (of course, I know her but she doesn't). Come May, I entered Lower Six at the same school. But the feelings of kawaii onna is replaced with 'love'.

With that realisation, things turned. Instead of a personality cult member, I now have a 'crush'. Since she have to pass my class to get to hers (mine's 3rd floor, hers is 1st), every morning I sat by the window, watching as she make her way to class. I found a few classmates who had taken interest in her as well. Rather than competitors, we are 'love comrades', something not new to me.

Come Upper Six, times a'changing. My class shifted a few rooms away (still on third floor), and hers is on the 1st floor. Maybe she had noticed, I don't know, but she didn't take the same route anymore. This year, my number of acquaintance greatly increased. I hope someday to be formally introduced to her, for I am too shy to take any action (you can call me gutless, go ahead...)

I'm still working...wish me luck, even when the odds are against me.

End Note: Thank you for reading [part of] my memoirs

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