Saturday, April 09, 2005


Girls, how do you feel about them? Threathened, violated or scared out of your wit? If you are popular, you might have a few of them popping out of nowhere. They might not have the intent to do anything harmful to you, but there are a few exceptions. Fortunately, there had been no cases of a stalker causing harm to his victim here in Malaysia.

It's hard being popular. Hard too, being a stalker. They, themselves, are a member of a personality cult based on the person being stalked. What do they intend to accomplish? A personal sense of satisfaction when they acquire new information, videos, pictures and sometimes (the extreme type) personal items. I consider a stalker that had been rejected to be potentially more dangerous than a stalker that had not confessed yet, maybe for fear of being rejected or the target don't know him.

View relevant comic strip here.

It's hard being a stalker. Especially if you:
-had the feelings for years
-the target don't know you
-possibility of being rejected is high

But one can't go on stalking forever, can they?

Words don't come easy to me
how can I find a way
to make you see,
I love you
words don't come easy

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