Tuesday, April 19, 2005

DVD - Kengo 3

In this post, I will describe my DVDs, particularly the one mentioned. I have around ten DVDs in my collection (not counting the one that belongs to the family). Let me see if I can list all of them here.

Kengo 3
Kengo 3
Battlefield DVD Edition
Counter-Strike Generation
Star Wars Trilogy Special
My Sassy Girl
Taiho Shichauzo the Movie
Rurouni Kenshin Trust and Betrayal Director's Cut
Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix
Fu-un Shinsengumi

As you can see, there are a few numbers of PS2 DVDs.

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Two Kengo 3 DVDs. On the right is the original, on the left the bootleg.

'Kengo 3' (剣豪3) is a swordsfighting game. You create your own character, dress him up with clothes and skills (have to be learned, though) and roam around Jaapn. The period is not really stated, but generally it's around 1600 until 1860's.

As for the discs themselves, I have two copis. The first is a bootleg copy, bought for RM 5 at Wisma Hopoh. I also bought another copy for my friend, Nabil, as a thank you git for buying me a [bootleg] copy of Fu-un Shinsengumi. Ironically, he forgot to get a copy for himself and when he returned to the store, there are no more copies left This seems normal for the allocation of pirated Japanese games in Kuching are limited to one or two per game outlet.

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The original Kengo 3 DVD. I don't know that they have a memory card holder in the DVD case!

As for the other copy, it is an original PS2 disc. Yes, original. I managed to get it at a discounted price as it was Play-Asia's Weekly Special for some time ago. USD 15.90, which roughly translate to RM 60. Ain't I lucky? Mine is NTSC-J, Asian version. The only difference between Asian and Japanese version are the covers and the price. Asian version are priced USD 10 less than the Japanese version, which retails at USD 69.90. Both versions are in Japanese. There is also a Korean version, and if you can read and understand Korean I recommend getting that (although I cannot vouch for what voice they speak in-game.

Rant: Good stuff about original games are that you can put them in the cupboard to show off to your friends who might have hundreds of PS2 DVD games, but none original. I'm not the kind of teenagers that you often see these days who get hundreds for their allowance. I just get RM 60 per month, of which I deduct RM 10 to keep as savings. And to buy an orignal software with my own money...priceless!

Review: What review? Read this: I do not own, or have in my possession, a Playstation 2. None. Nada. Null

Post Written Under Pressure. Originally written on Monday, sunny all day and night except for a few minutes of rain in the afternoon.

Look for more DVDs related post in the future. Cya.

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Gem said...

Hi Matthew

Do you still have Kengo 3 with you?

If you no longer play it, could I buy it from you.

From your post, I gather u live in Malaysia?

I live just across the border in Singapore.

Just drop me an email if u are interested:

Gem Pang